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The Friday that starts a

The Friday that starts a long weekend always seems like one of those special days -- a goofy sense of the inner 8-year old all giddy because it's the last day of school. Everybody's going to book out early and even the crappy notion of being stuck in I-95 traffic for over 3 hours doesn't seem so daunting. It'll just be good to be up on the Cape and play with my friends, crappy weather and all.

L. and I had a very interesting talk last night. Both of our jobs are in flux -- well, the truth is we've both been doing the same thing for too long and we're in flux with our jobs. There are lay-offs galore in both of our companies. People are stressed. Change is in the air. You know it's telling when your (ex-) boss says "If you had a decent offer from the outside, well, I'd take it if I were you." Ouch.

I've put the whole "time to get out of my comfort zone and move to the next level" speech out to several colleagues, as has L. Be careful what you wish for. Seems there are a number of possibilities our there. I don't want to jinx anything by saying too much, but I think there will be several irons in a few fires within the next couple months. After our chat last night, I feel okay about it all -- for the first time in a long while. It's scary, but it will all be exciting and fun, although maybe a little painful. Chant with me ... "change is good, change is good."

Of course there's the possibility that six months from now we'll both be in the same place with the same job and lamenting what a boring summer it was. You just never know.

Have a great weekend, everybody.