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My brain tumor has migrated

My brain tumor has migrated southwards and now is lodged somewhere below my trachea and above my stomach.

By all reports, it's going to be a chilly, wet weekend in Provincetown. But that's okay, it's Provincetown and weather forecasts have been wrong before.

Nine things about last night's show
1. Mary Stuart Masterson suprised me -- a little stiff with the gestures, but Idgie can sing!
2. Jane Krakowski made me laugh then broke my heart (and is sadly robbed of a "Simple" ovation)
3. Love Chita, but Liliane's audience participation went on too long
4. How much fun would it be to watch Little Nell go on as Liliane??
5. Waiting for the water became tedious
6. Elena Shaddow, the u/s for Laura Benanti's Claudia did a darn fine job
7. Antonio is charming, sexy and sings the loud notes just fine (but he kinda mumbles and falls into the 'I'm angry--I'm shouting--I'm acting' trap a couple too many times)
8. Did the spiral staircase represent a double-helix -- i.e. the reason that makes Guido "be Italian" and, like all that water, it's just his genetic make-up? Or was it just a cool set?
9. The audience was a Fellini film. Loved, loved, loved the 4.5' woman in a black pant suit, gym shoes, copper red hair and 1-inch long fake red eyelashes. Fan. Tas. Tic.

Gypsy's a better show (on paper), but which production will win best revival?