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listology * Zanna Don't is


* Zanna Don't is adorable ... even without Ms. Rodriguez, who was apparently resting for an appearance at the Drama Desk Awards.
* ended up at Rock Center for the closing party for Les Miz on Sunday ... nothing like being in the right place at the right time
* learned that Utilities is no longer just about spoons. It's "kitchen, bath and home." Expand the brand.
* channeled Judith Traherne yesterday and stayed in bed all day with a nasty brain tumor. I'm still feeling like crap today and several people in my office are out with similar symptoms ... headache, earaches, muscle aches, queasy stomach. Yup, it's a brain tumor. I've scheduled an appointment with Dr. Steele. I expect the surgery will go well.
* have tickets for Nine tonight. hope I live that long.