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Seems that Thomas either has

Seems that Thomas either has or will be spending some time at Home Depot this weekend.

Yesterday's faux Ritalin day was a reasonable success. Got caught up on several fronts, but didn't come close to whittling down the backlog list as much as I'd have liked to. So I'll jump on the raft and ride this wave of quasi-production and try to get at least two or three more things done. At a couple hours a project, that will eat up most of the afternoon. It's beautiful out, so I'd like to get a run in as well. Busy busy busy.

Wigfield was very funny last night, but the teeniest skosh of a disappointment (to me). The "page to the stage" concept was a souped up staged reading, which works because the text is truly twisted. I guess I'd been hoping for a little more than a reading: some costumes, some wigs, etc. -- more of a Talent Family meets Greater Tuna production. Realistically, that'd be a ton of work for a such a limited run, and I'm glad to have seen what they put on. Someone should bankroll the film version -- a documentary would be brilliant.

The three author/actors had a great time reading/performing monologues from the book, with Todd Oldman's photographs of Wigfield's white trash projected on the screen behind. And Amy had cupcakes for sale.

It's coming to Altanta, D.C. and Boston -- go see it. It's a fine evening of bent humor.

After the show and some Italian food, C.B. whisked us off to a tony little cocktail party down on Bank Street, where we saw a prime example of this trend. Many thanks to our hosts Aaron and Tosh. The walk home took us right by XL, and it would have been rude not to pop in to see the new lightshow we'd just read about. The lights were cool, but more interesting were the scads of straight people. At one point, it was like a tour bus came in. I think it's now officially a post-gay bar. I applaud assimilation, but I really hope Chelsea doesn't turn into SoHo (too late??). I guess that's why we now have "Hellsea".