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I think they should change

I think they should change the word suburbs to subbirds -- it is so noisy here in the morning. Where's the volume dial on the nature recording that's blaring outside? I'm used to car horns and fire trucks. Who knew all this nature could be so loud? It rained last night and my sister's back yard is a green, foggy, dewy forrest. I could probably take a picture and put in in the dictionary under verdant.

This is the calm before the storm. I'm in charge of the 4-year nephew and 6-year old niece for the rest of the morning. He's had his Lucky Charms and is now watching Dragontales (looks horrible). She's still sleeping. Today's scheduled adventures inlcude Easter Egg dying and a much anticipated painting of Uncle Bobby's toe nails -- Miss M. wants my nails to match hers, at least she did last night.