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I'm in KY, so I'll

I'm in KY, so I'll slide in a quick blog entry before heading back north to Ohio.

The good news:
1. Mom's angiogram turned out fine. She can officially cross "heart trouble" off her list of ailments.
2. Some radio station in the middle of Kentucky is still playing Landslide by the Dixie Chicks. Apparently not all middle-American program directors have bought into the alleged boycott.
3. My upgrade for the flight home has already gone through.
4. Cigarettes cost less than $3 a pack down here, compared $7/pack, at home. At that price, it's rude not to smoke.

The bad news:
1. Still don't know what's really wrong with her.
2. It's pouring and I hate driving in the rain.
3. I bet I'm going to hit rush hour traffic.
4. I'm smoking too much.

The odd news:
Had a really vivid dream last night that I was great friends with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. Turns out they're the funnest couple, AND the relationship is purely platonic because he's gay and she's just a big friendly beard. I think he loved me. We all went to a party and Chelsea Clinton was there, with a really fetching new long blonde hair and a fierce young Queen Latiffa-esque best friend. We all danced and then shared some laughs with Bill and Hillary.

I'm left wondering what's being pumped into the air at the Louisville Hyatt ... and how do I get some in a bottle to take home?

More later from the Buckeye State.