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“Ladies and gentlemen, Delta is

“Ladies and gentlemen, Delta is pleased to offer you in-flight entertainment. Headsets are located in the seat pocket in front of you and the sound will be on Channel 1.”

The TV set drops down from the ceiling, the screen lights up and a trailer for Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets comes on. Cool … the plane was delayed, Atlanta’s got a holding pattern going and they’re going to show a movie on the flight from La Guardia to Hartsfield. The flight’s not usually long enough for a movie, but what the hell. I don the headset, close my notebook, turn off the overhead light and lean back to enjoy the movie. Didn’t see it in the theater, ‘cause it came out while we were in Australia and then the holidays interrupted our movie-going schedule.

Ten minutes into the show, the video goes blank. When it lights back up, we’re watching the all too familiar intro to “Delta Horizons” and I’m soon half-giggling at a rerun of Friends. Apparently the trolley dolly screwed up and put the wrong tape in. Upon realizing her mistake, she stopped the tape and changed cassettes. No apologies, no announcement, no nothing, just a tease. Would it have been such a crime to let the movie play? I guess I’ll have to rent Harry’s second adventure after all.

At least I got my upgrade. “Why yes, I will have another vodka soda, thanks.”