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Well, if it wasn't a

Well, if it wasn't a frightening world yesterday before 8pm, it certainly is now. When are we going into Iran and North Korea?

Robin Cook left Blair's cabinet over the impending war. Too bad nobody in Washington has the balls to do the same thing. Good ol' George really believes he's doing the right thing, that God's on his side (but it's not a religious war) and that we Americans (read George W. Bush) have the right to do whatever the hell we want. I'm overwhelmed by his hubris ... didn't he read any of the Greek or Shakespearean tragedies when he was in school? He did go to school at some point, didn't he?

Scary times, eh?

On a lighter note ...

When I was heading home from Sunday's walk along the Hudson, I passed Hogs and Heifers. A slew of Harley's were parked outside, a couple bikers hanging outside the open door to the saloon. Blaring away on the jukebox was Dolly Parton wailing "Nine to Five" ... never would have bet on that as a soundtrack.

What a way to make a living.