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Spring just might have busted

Spring just might have busted through today. It was gorgeous outside. Had brunch with some PAICR pals at Grange Hall and then took a really long walk through the Village, down into Tribecca and then to the river. I think God's getting ready to let the cute boys out for the season. People were out jogging, blading and just hanging out to enjoy the day. I walked and watched and sat on park benches with a notebook, just taking it all in. Was out walking and writing for about 3 hours.

One of the parks along the river has a cement wall at the entrance. There was this man there, holding his baby on top of the wall ... she was bundled up in fleece, on her hands and knees, just looking around, eyes wide open, smiling and drooling. Wiggling around, but safe in her daddy's hands. Here it was, the nicest day of the year and it struck me that it very well may have been the nicest day of her life. She certainly wasn't old enough to have been around last spring or summer. What a great day to be outside, safe and happy and so unaware of anything but how good the sun feels on your face. I hope she, and the rest of us, have many many more warm, sunny, carefree days like this one.