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Larry's watching The Sweetest Thing

Larry's watching The Sweetest Thing right now and I do believe could be one of the stupidest movies ever.

Went down to the Jersey shore this weekend for an exploratory tour. We want a place by the beach that's easily accessible. Ptown's great, but too far. The Pines are too, well, The Pines -- been there, done that. And the Hamptons are fun to visit, but it's a schlepp to get out there and it's more than we want to spend

We were getting ready to jump on the Asbury bandwagon, but it's really still kinda scary there. "Beruit by the sea" is not an understatement. And even if it does turn around in the next 5-10 years, there are certain parts that will always stay, how does one say, "pockety." So now the question is do we want to have a little house right by the beach (Bradley Beach, perhaps?) with little to no yard or go somewhere a little more "suburban" and have a place to get away from it all but be close to the beach and have room for guests (Spring Lake Heights?).

Decisions, decisions, decisions. I guess it's a good problem to have.

If anybody gets to Moonstruck for dinner, ask for Dawn. She's hysterical and will take grease out of your way.

New Alias and Six Feet Under tonight. TiVo's going to be on overtime.