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Saw June and a very

Saw June and a very scary Cricket in Murder at Movay Manor last night, upstairs at Rose's Turn. Haven't been in that space since the last time I did Lucky Girl! Fun, campy theater with a 2-drink minimum. And cute boys everywhere.

Was going to catch up with everyone at the Monster, where things can be truly frighteining, but hunger lured us elsewhere and we ended up at Philip Marie where I had the most tender, dare I sare succulent, wild boar, wrapped in pancetta and served over a jalepeno-infused pear sauce. Amazing.

Off to the shore today's to look at properties. This would be a new chapter in the Bob and Larry show -- having a beach house down the shore. I see lots of big hair, Springstein and Bon Jonvi records. And I'll have to learn all about exits. Crazy.