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Celebrate Good Times ... Yeah, Whatever

A cell phone conversation earlier this evening:

Me: Girl, I was getting my haircut awhile ago and thinking about you, and I see that you called me. We're connected.

Connie: We're on the same wavelength.

Me: Well, I didn't get a perm, but I was thinking about you. Whatcha doin'?

Connie: Just got home, getting ready to head to the gym.

Me: Screw the gym. Larry doesn't feel good and is already in bed. I'm thirsty. Let's go have a drink and catch up. I've got a new haircut!

Connie: Well, I've got a new promotion!

Me: Ah! A celebration!!! You've got more money and I've got less hair. I'm on 23rd, you're on 15th. Wanna meet in the middle in 15 minutes?

Fast forward to g

*hug hug, gossip gossip*

Fast forward to a few cocktails later

We've got every reason to be happy, how did we turn into these guys?


Old and bitter ... party of 2?