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Mmm, Mmm Good

If one were to dine with any frequency at Chez B&L, one would be subject to a host of old-time questionable cuisine. It’s true … living on this island of multi-cultural phenomenal fare, we’re known to hole up in our little apartment and enjoy a box (or two) of Kraft Dinner and the occasional frankfurter sandwich.

So for lunch this afternoon, it wasn’t too surprising that I pulled a can of Campbell’s Soup out of the cupboard. Bean with Bacon (not my favorite, mind you … that would be Beef with Barley, which is hard to come by at the local market).

The label reads “Campbell’s Classics,” but the can is more newfangled than classic.


A pop top.

I’m not sure I like the idea of opening a can of soup the same way I open a can of cat food. I guess it makes it easier to travel with, but I don't think I'm ready to toss a can of soup into my briefcase and nuke up a bowl at the office. Plus, I’ve always been fond of my Good Grips can opener.

In an earlier life, I had a gig in brand management, on the packaging side of things, at P&G. It’s a *huge* deal to revamp packaging for consumer goods, and I can’t imagine that the new pop top is a more cost-effective way to make a can of soup.

Campbell's site says “consumer research told us that most consumers prefer the convenience of the Easy Open lid.” Was opening a can of soup really that hard?

Maybe it was only a matter of time. Andy Warhol made Campbell’s pop art. Is a pop top the natural progression?