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Home Sweet Homekeys

Remember typing class and the good old QWERTY keyboard? You never know how much you miss it till you start working in a foreign office.

Frankfurt was fast, furious and fun. I'd forgotten that a Canadian colleague of mine had transferred there from the Brussels office (yup, we're an international lot).

She took me out to one of her favorite "local watering holes" for a quick beer after work, where she said a lot of the office folk often go for lunch. Very cute, very red, very loungy. Lots of boys. And was the cute blonde waiter flirting? Hmmm.

So on the plane over to Brussels last night, I pulled out my Spartacus (to the quiet dismay of the elderly woman sitting next to me) and looked up Frankfurt. Pulse is not only listed, but it one of several dots on the mqp, all clustered right around our office. Seems I was working all day right in the thick of German Gaytown and didn't even know it, although I did have an odd sense of being "at home." I thought it was my German heritage.

I think I'll have to go back. And take a long lunch.