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What's So New About It?

Happy New Year. I hope all y'alls hangovers are but the fainstest of memories.

I was going to write while up in Ptown over the long weekend, but I couldn't be bothered to figure out a dial-up connection from the condo. Working remotely on my work laptop sucks anyway.

I know, I missed you too.

Instead, I caught up on some work, did a fair bit of celebrating with lots of good friends, took my inaugural dip in my neighbors' new hot tub (and got to know a couple new friends better in the process), tried to rejuvenate a bit, shared some vodka and laughs with Miss Mary Callanan and her husband, fantasized about a certain Swede, enjoyed a couple nice chats with Sean at the A-House and had Madrone (we love him) at Blu Day rub me to Zen and back. Somewhere in there we rang in the New Year at a very fun, relatively low key house party.

How very ... adult.

Made near record time home in zero traffic, which is hopefully a harbinger of good fortune for the next 12 months. Did a good deed by dragging our leggy pal Edie back to the city with us. She was a perfect lady and didn't kick once. Go see her at Therapy tomorrow night (and bring her a present).

So I'm back in the city for less than 24 hours and then off on a work trip to Frankfurt (for a day) and Brussels (2 days, 3 nights). 2004 just may be the year I rack up as many miles as Sissy if I'm not careful.

All hail Ambien.

Any resolutions? Still too busy to think about them. It's a new year with a new job, but I'm not starting it with a bogus agenda for the betterment of me.
Something in the back of my head keeps nagging me I to be feel more organized and less overwhelmed, but all I'm focusing on right now is getting through the next few days' worth of work and travel.

Maybe on the way home I'll make a list of goals to work on for myself. In the meantime, I've got to create a business plan for the new role. Good times.

I think the New Year for me is going to start mid-January. Or maybe I'll get all eastern on your asses and wait till Chinese New Year. It'll be the Year of the Monkey; or, better yet, the year of the monkey sex.

Now there's something to work up a resolution about.