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God, That Moon is Bright

Had a barrage of beverages last night after work with some of the bewitching blog boys. Totally entertaining ... even got Larry up from a mid-winter's nap to join us for a couple. Crash was sweet enough to invite a busload of high school kids along, and I got to chatt up MAK's mom on the phone. Fun for the whole family. Hope to do it all again soon. Maybe tomorrow night at the Coral Room ... anybody else want to go look at the mermen?

One puzzling thing ... this is the second time I've been out with Crash and have yet to see him actually have a drink. I'm beginning to wonder if all these cocktail tales I've been reading are just so much fiction. God Bless that foreign concept called willpower. It's a beautiful thing. Vodka distillers despair not ... MAK and I made up for him.

Now I'm back in the office with too much work to do, gettting ready for next week's meetings in London.

Poor me. Poor me. Pour me a double.