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What Good is Sitting Alone in Your Room

The view outside my office has gone from a slushy drizzle to a beautiful ticker tape parade of fluffy white confetti in the past half hour. There are no overhead lights on (as is typical on a weekend here), so I've got desk lamp on and a candle burning. It's almost peaceful. If only I had a fireplace ... plenty of fuel with all these piles of paper.

Come on over and keep me company ... if you're ambitious you could do organizing or type up some meeting notes. Or perhaps curl up in a comfy chair and (proof)read a fascinating pubication on investment strategy. "Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Tracking Error, But Were Afraid to Ask" promises to be a hit in the industry once it's published next week. And think, you'll have seen it first.

Yup, I'm living on the edge, kids.

Addendum: 4:10 pm and the lights just woke me up came on. I was so getting so used to subtle ambience. Radio weatherman just said "watch out for the hard freeze tonight." That's comforting. I hope the merman doesn't catch cold. See ya at 11pm?