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Do You Belize?

Ambergris Caye is the most adorable little island. Especially given the fact that it's named after whale puke. Dusty dirt roads, people driving in golf carts, and some amazing diving ... especially along the walls way offshore. Eagle rays, turtles, nurse sharks that are cuddlier than my cats, and, ooof, the hottest boy in a red t-shirt here in Coconuts Internet cafe. I'd snorkel his reef.

Today's a no dive day; have to let all the nitrogen fizzle out of my alcohol system before we fly tomorrow. Embolisms are so last year.

I think I'll have some decent pictures to post once I get home and settled (which may not be for a couple weeks as I have a 20-hour layover in NY tomorrow and then head to Europe for a week's worth of work).

Thanks to Karen and Connie for filling in. Y'all keep up the good work for another week if you want ... or even better, get you're own blog. Very entertaining indeed.

Time to take a walk in the 80-degree sunshine and then have a massage with a lovely local island boy.