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Promises in the Dark

When is a promise not a promise? If you go for a full body massage and they don't touch your butt or chest ... then that is not a full body massage. Was there not a promise there? When one's told that plans will be made and then they are not ... is that just unfortunate happenstance, or a broken promise?

If Mrs. Vaughn does a nice deed, is she still not promised an evil death for sleeping with Sark (before I did)?

Perhaps the gods just do not like me in America. I shall leave the country again tomorrow. And when I return, I will have lowered my expectations. They're easier to manage that way.

Today's dose of disenchantment has led me to question deeper things ... like when my sex-changed cat sits and stares off into space, is he missing the mother and perhaps brothers and sisters he oh-so-briefly knew. Did he even know he had a father? Does he stalk about the house meowing because he's lonely ... or that he just misses his penis? Do cats thinks about family?

I know when I'm lonely and/or miss cock, I pop an Ambien, turn off the lights, and go to sleep. All promises to better in the morning.

We shall see.