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What is This Odd Box-Shaped Room?

My first day in the office in two weeks. Well, really only a half-day as I've got to jump a jet to Toronto this afternoon. I've got a million things to catch up on after being away for most of the month, but can't seem to figure out where to start (or what to start on) so I may as well look forward to a couple planned bright spots that await me over the next few days on the North American leg of March madness ...

* Dinner and drinks with my favorite Canadian kindergarden teacher tonight. Seems hes been dating someone who is, gasp, neither A) from out of town nor B) a part of an existing relationship. How can this be? I might even get to meet the mystery man (who as it turns out is a massage therapist and may be able to balance out my unattended parts from yesterday's half-assed rub).

* A long-awaited return to Atlanta on Wednesday morning. Not only will I get to see my favorite design drunks boys, but maybe get a bonus visit in with these two and their lovely friends.