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A Very Special Cleaning

Like others, but without the gourmet cuisine, I too am at the office today. I've slain two of my bigger dragons, giving a final proofread to a 30-page investement strategy publication and editing a shorter positioning paper. Now I'm settling into some much needed office Spring cleaning. Ironic in that it's supposed to fucking snow tonight.

Perhaps it is the spirit of cold weather, but in my first pile of debris filing to sort through, I've just come across an unopened copy of of this. Clearly it's been sitting on my credenza under stacks of files and assorted "to read" materials since long before the New Year.

If I were half as good at cleaning up after myself as I was tidying up someone else's writing and typesetting, I'd be golden. And if I spent my money on things I actually used ... well, that's another story.

At least I'll have some fun music for the end of the year. If I can find it.