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The Perils of Travel

Larry took a new job earlier this year, and he told me he'd soon be traveling to exotic locales, much as I've been doing the past several months. Apparently, the travel is starting slow.

He's traveling commuting to work this week in winsome Westchester. As it looked to be a late night of auditing files, his new boss thought it best they just stay the night. He called me last night from his Motel 6, none too thrilled to report that it looked like things were a mess and he'd be spending most of the spring up there, rather than in his new swanky downtown digs.

I sent him an email this morning, asking him if Day 2 was going any better and he replied "I ran this a.m. and fell in a pot hole. Then, on the way back into the hotel, I jumped as 3 deer ran in front of me! I need to get back to the city in a hurry."

I'll bet he screamed like a girl. He does that sometimes.

Poor darlin'. We all pray for his safe return.