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Easter Boner-it

I'd just written a long sole-baring post about my visit to the doctor(s) yesterday, but my machine crashed (Hey, thanks again IT for all your help) and we lost it.

It's okay, you didn't want to read me channeling my mother anyway. "Did you hear (insert relative's name here) came down with (insert disease here)?"

Bottom line -- no cholesterol check this time (apparently he felt I didn't study hard enough for the test), free antibiotics for a heretofore unknown sinus infection (I thought I had a cold), cigarettes are good for me (they burn the nerves in your sinuses so you can't feel the infection), and a nice new cream from the dermotoligst to make my feet pretty for summer.

And my lungs sounded "Congested and Wheezy." Didn't they open for Kiki and Herb back in the 80s?

Oh, and, for fun, a Cialis prescription to, um, fill out my Easter basket ... a bunny ride that Larry didn't seem to eager to hop on. So, if there's anyone out there who would like to participate in a controlled study of if/how it works on my individual body chemistry, let me know. It's all in the name of science, kids.

And don't forget, if you choose to drink this holiday weekend, remember the preferred Easter cocktail menu:

1. Rusty Nails
2. Bloody Marys
3. Rolling Rocks

Happy pagan fertility rites.

Bonus -- Auntie Mame tonight in a theater full of fags. And her .