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Hey Mr. Postman

I love blast emails from our Central Services department.

To: *NY- All Employees
Subject: FYI - reminder

The Carpenter is in today to perform various jobs around the premises - if you have any request(s), please e-mail your request to the office services department.

My response:

So sad that there's only one now. I was never a big fan of Richard ... Karen had the lovelier voice. I'd like to hear "Goodbye to Love."

Apparently, they were not amused.

And then there was this one, a couple weeks ago ...

To: *NY- All Employees
Subject: 26th floor


Ladies room on the 26th floor is now operational. Thank you.

I rarely have reason to go to the 26th floor, and not knowing the crapper was crapped out, I sent a message to a friend on that floor, noting how thrilled she must be. She quickly responded:

Look, I must have been the only person that wanted to know what happened in there. My answer was "not much". What does that mean?

It sounded to me like a George Bush phrase for "need to know" and sadly, it seems the ladies on 26 didn't need to know.

It must have been AWFUL.