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It's a World of Laughter ...

I met up with the boys last night (some of which couldn't wait just fiiiive more minutes to even say hello, hmpf) after a work dinner that took longer than I thought. On the cab ride cross town, I saw that dearest darling Philth had called from Atlanta.

I dialed him up and told him I was on my way to see his friend Andrew (of the undewear exchange, who lately seems to be spending more time in New York than I do) and the rest of the crew.

"Hey, you know Kevin and his boyfriend are in town." Kevin is one of Philth's best friends, who I met on my first business trip to Atlanta some 5 or 6 years ago. He immediately left Georgia and moved to San Francisco.

"Well tell him to call me."

Twenty minutes later, I'm in Barrage and the phone rings. It's Kevin and they're on their way over. That Phil can work fast when she wants to.

By now Andrew and I are last men standing (apparently some people have lives apart from my drinking schedule, a concept I really don't choose to comprehend). The out-of-towners arrive. Kevin and Andrew know each other from down South and the boyfriend, Pete, is adorable. Yay.

Jesus, Bob, Is there a point to this story?

Yes, there was a dead man in the window ... no wait, that's another story.

Fast forward to a cigarette break outside (it doesn't count if they're other people's smokes), and we're talking about this and that and what brought me to Barrage on a Thursday night.

"Just seeing what kind of trouble Miss Andrew's getting into with the blog boys, but they all crapped out early."

"You have a blog?" Kevin asks. "So does Pete ... he's swimfinssf."

"Shut. Up."

Who knew? And how stupid am I for never recognizing Pete's boyfriend as Philth's best friend? I guess being out of context, I never made the connection.

As I've told my mama a hundred times, it's a small world when you suck dick.

Even smaller, I suppose, when you combine that with blogging.