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Suddenly It's Summer

There were two nice things about leaving the office at 8pm tonight.

1. It was 4 hours earlier than I left the night before.

2. I love it when you can walk outside in the early evening in a short-sleeved shirt, smelling the air that's been freshly washed by a good thunderstorm.

I'm not a big fan of the excessive heat and humidity. I lived in New Orleans and Houston long enough to know that it gets mighty unbearable mighty quickly. But tonight, one of the first warm nights I've walked around in for awhile, made me remember how nice early summer can be. No coats, cool breezes, still no need for a/c.

Now, if I could only get out early enough to get to the Park or the River and see the shirtless, sweaty boys getting in their evening cardio workouts .... sigh, all would be bliss.