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How Big is Yours?

You know that the muckety mucks are really concerned about important business issues at hand when the first several hours of the meeting are spent trying to rearrange their rooms in the castle. "Whaaaaaa, so-and-so has a nicer room than than I do."

Given that they have a global business to run and several strategic decisions to make, it's clear that a high priority should be how much relative square footage they possess in a room they're going to be doing not much more than sleeping in 7-hour stints over a 2-night stay.

My room was lovely -- it was the turret on the ride side of the parking lot. However, in the spirit of karma and non-drama, I traded down so that one of them would stop whining, only to hear over breakfast how noisy the big room was. Are we dealing iwth 60-year old CEO or spoiled 12-year old bratty girl?

Anyway, we got a little more buy-in on the initiative I've been put in charge of, made the focus a little more regional, gave them some work to do and seemingly justified my corporate existence for awhile longer.

I guess that means it was successful.

So now I'm situated downtown, holed up in a in a quiet office, checked into a modern Hilton with an H-O-T bellman, and just 3 blocks away from a couple of happenening homo haunts.

How do you say happy hour in German?