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Pearl Necklace

The newly bejewelled Barrage (or bay-rage, as I think I'm now prone to call it) launched last night with a "Do You Remember Your First Pearl Necklace" party. Free vodka, cute boys, lot of grins. Congrats to all the boys who made it happen. I hear Wednesdays are gonna be rock 'n' roll nights with him at the helm.

I might love the new cocktail waiter.

"Can I have a Ketel and soda?" I asked early on (this was before the free Svedka started flowing).

"What kind of soda?" So earnest, so fresh.

I told him just plain soda water ... maybe he knows it as club soda? He smiled and asked me to be gentle, it was his first night. Sweet.

He was a trooper, and took care of me all night long.

Later on, I asked my pal Soc, the new manager, where the cutie came from before this job.

"Directly from the womb."

I can't wait till he's legal.