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Perhaps I Should Start a RILF List

There are some hot runners. And I don't just mean 'cause it's hot and sticky outside.

I trotted my way thought the 5-mile Pride humidathon this morning, beating my goal by a little and seeing some lovely buttocks (covered), thighs and chests (mostly uncovered). Most inspirational. Nineteen weeks to the marathon.

Got several "love your t-shirt" comments, which was fun. Hung out with adorable new pal Stephen after the race, was chastised for not mentioning our charming introduction at bay-rage the other night, and found out he's being stalked on Friendster. I can't seem to find his profile, so I guess I'll have to stalk him elsewhere.

Speaking of stalking, would it be wrong to write down a runner's bib number and then look him up on the results page? I think it's better to have a name than to forever have to refer to him as "black racing shorts with ass of death." RILF indeed.

Also got a nice shout out from one of the Front Runners who saw me at WYSIWYG. Thanks for saying hi, Jeff.

Tonight is muscle-bear (of which I am neither) sea tea, which promises to be a load of fun fright pleasant evening on the river. I'm told the motto is "what happens on the Hudson stays on the Hudson." But I can be bought. I mean, for a price, I'll tell you what you want to know. Oh who am I kidding, buy me.

Tomorrow's the parade and an appearance at Pier Dance (where he and I will be, with our walkers). Too much work on Monday and then off to London on Tuesday.

15 days of no smoking, but back on the Ketel (but not too much). The induction took off about 5 or 6 pounds, which isn't a lot, but I keep getting comments that I look like I've lost more. As the Ho said, "you've lost your bloat." That's a good thing, right?

God know what will happen between now and tomorrow night. Good angel on the right shoulder keeps looking up from his desk, saying "focus on work, play a little, it'll all be fine. It's all about the moderation." Bad angel is dancing on my left shoulder with a pocket full of candy saying, "It all works out. Go have a blast."

As long as I don't have a cigarette and show up to work by 9am on Monday, I win.

Pray for me.