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Swing Out, Sister

Better late than never, we saw Fahrenheit 9/11 last night. It made me laugh, it made me very sad, and it made me a little queasy. Everyone should see it -- especially any and all of you in the swing states.

And for my pals in the UK, it starts on Friday. I expect full reports on my desk by Monday morning.

So go see the movie ... and take a friend, epecially if they're on the fence or, heaven forbid, thinking about voting for Bush.

"But Bob, I can't afford a movie." Buzz me -- I'll buy your tickets.

"But Bob, the kids won't let me get away." Buzz me -- I'll help arrange a babysitter. And if you're kid is over 12 years old, take him or her. Yes, it's distrubing ... but not nearly as disturbing as what we're doing in Iraq, or what your kids will have to be doing when they get drafted if people like Bush are allowed to continue what they're up to.

"But Bob, I'm a Rebublican." Good. It takes all kinds. Go see it anyway. Let me know what you think.

"But Bob, Michael Moore is a pompous liberal blowhard who distorts all the facts." I know, he's the Rush Limbaugh of the left, but Moore can still feel pain, apparently. You'll be pleased to know he's not taking the spotlight in this movie, graciously offering it to Mrs. Lila Lipscomb. She, or someone like her, is very sadly someone we each know all too well. God bless her.

Sure, it's biased. So is Fox News and so is Eva BraunAnne Coulter. So is all media. But go see it and judge for yourself. It's a good story, told with humor, humanity, and compassion, and it's way better than Dodgeball.

Don't know if you're a swing state? DavidNYC lists the following:

New Mexico
New Hampshire
West Virginia

Hello?? Why aren't you clicking here and finding the movie yet?

"There's an old saying in Tennessee. I know it's in Texas, probably Tennessee, that says: "Fool me once... shame on... shame on you. ............. Ya fool me... ya can't get fooled again."

He must go.