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The Sounds of Silence

I have a bad habit of staying in bed till the last minute and then scurrying about in the morning, rushing to get to whatever my first appointment of the day is.

It reminds me of being young ... "Oh, Mom, just 5 more minutes and I promise I'll get up."

"You'll miss the bus."

"Five more minutes."

Twenty minutes later, she's drving me to school.

Twenty (thirty?) years later, I'm not much different. But this morning, the grand punishment has been served to me. I've found myself at the airport without my iPod. I know exactly where it is. I saw it before I left the apartment, sitting in the charger next to the tv. Put that in your briefcase, I thought.

You wretched idiot.

Oh well. The CEO of our company is on the same flight today. Pity ... I'm sure he would have loved for me to play The Scissor Sisters for him.