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Are We Having Fun Yet?

This going global thing is wearing me out.

Arrive Heathrow at 6ish tomorrow am (have I ever mentioned how I'm learning to loathe the international redeye?), have an 8:30 call and meetings scheduled most of tomorrow, a brand workshop all day Wed and Thursday, and more meetings scheduled for Friday. And, bonus, the meetings go into dinnertime and beyond this week. Just saw Le Boss and he thinks since I'm over there, might as well get more meetings scheduled in Paris, Frankfurt and/or Brussels next week. Stay tuned.

Only thing good in that is that I might have some London downtime over the weekend. Who wants to play?

Last week's work and play created an all day snooze-fest coma yesterday, which might come in handy as it doesn't look like I get much time to sleep on the plane tonight as there are new deadlines to meet for tomorrow.

I think it's time to trade in the Lexapro for some Valium and speed. What's the proper pharmaceutical cocktail for calm yet wide awake and focussed? Anybody tried Provigil?

Whaaaa ... poor me, poor me, pour me another. And, sadness, I'm gonna miss her birthday.

I did learn a couple things over past several days though ...

* He's going to learn to make tiramisu for me.
* Emails stating "That was hot" do not equal "thanks for a good time."
* There is not enough flesh in The Bourne Supremacy
* My mother seems to have told most the world we're moving, so maybe she knows more than we do
* Einstein's remodeled and now you can play Jenga with their patio wall
* Eric at XES is kinda hot
* G is remodeled, but not really

I'm sure there's more, but my brain's a jumble and I've got a car coming to whisk me off to JFK.