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As the Wind Begins to Blow

I think it's time to pull out my umbrella and fly on home. But first, a few pictures before I womble off. For as crappy as the week started, I've gotten a lot done and had the most amazing trip. And, of course, there's still piles of things to get done. Move or not, I'll be back soon.

As always, the Ben introduced me to some lovely new friends. She does look like Claire Fisher, right?

Had a couple celeb sighting while I was here. David Hasselhof was wandering Soho (no camera then). And gosh, Elaine Page is really showing her age.

I usually hate pictues of me ... like this one where I was caught singing a Chinese song in the "wrong key". Had a couple drinks with Prínicpe last night, who was playing with my camera and snapped this.

I told him that normally I don't think I look good in pictures to which he replied in his charming Brazilian accent, "Noooo, your are very handsome ... in this picture. But I am a good photographer and you have a really nice camera."

And he says his English needs improving.

What's Portuguese for sassy?