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Home is Where the Housekeeper Is

It seems that there are two ways to get through security at Heathrow:

Apparently I should have gone the on-my-knees route, as we sat forever on the tarmac, waiting for "the flight plan to be approved by a computer in Belgium." Ah, yes ... nothing like a 90-minute delay, sitting next to a way-too-chatty man ("how's that iPod work?", "is your Blackberry wi-fi?", "what's the point of having to pay extra to stand somewhere to get a network connection?") who'd never flown buisness before (that's from a place of observation, not judgment) and played with every button 20 times till he figured it all out.

So now I'm back, walking through this to get to work ...

rather than this ...

As nice as it is to be home, I missed my stylish shower ...

this morning. And I certainly hope housekeeping comes to tidy up the room while I'm at work. I got awfully used to that service at my home away from home.

And a final question for all my IT friends out there ... don't you have anything better to do than this?

I mean I could understand if there were no network issues, all the servers were properly backed up, and the databases all ran without a glitch. But in the meantime ... focus on getting the back office working, not what we're looking at in our going down time.

Yeah sure, we know I'm a fan of Big Brother, but only when it's on CBS (say goodbye, Savage dickless Scott) or BBC (who will be the winner on Friday night?).