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My Schadenfreude Cup Runneth Over

Adria and Natalie are now in the house, after what could be the best reveal EVER in reality television.

I thought Jase's head was going explode last night.

"I just want to make good television," he told she-who-can't-cover-her-shoulders. Screw you, psycho ... apparently CBS (or at least Mr. Shapiro) is just a little more clever than you.

And Gaggage is out and never saw it coming. Tee hee.

So. Totally. Fetch.

Now, if the girls were smart, we'd see the following scenario play out.

Jennifer puts Natalie and Karen up.

for PoV competition:

Natalie selects Adria
Karen selects Will
Jennifer selects Diane

Whoever wins PoV takes somebody off.

Jennifer puts up Jase

Bye bye psycho.