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Back to School

It's starting to get darker earlier. The nights seem cooler. It's time to get some fresh new clothes, a couple new notebooks, a fresh set of pens and get back into the swing of things. Maybe a new lunchbox or backpack.

There is so much change going on around me right now that it's dizzying. All of it's good ... some of it is completely amazing, some of it a little scary. I've been dealing with it all in a rather laissez-faire manner, but lately I'm starting think that I'm just getting plain lazy. I know I'm getting things done, but I think I could be doing better.

I feel like I've been drifting a bit, perhaps sitting back and taking it all in too much. It's good to enjoy the ride, but sometimes you need to steer a little bit.

And so, I need to either make my rudder a little bigger or set a more specific course or something, before I get sucked into the whirlpool and drown in my own metaphor.

It's time to put down some goals ... don't know if they'll be here online or in some crisp, uncluttered new spiral binder, but I need to make sure I've got some direction in the next few months. It's time to make a clearer path, to eliminate some of the distractions that the old A.D.D. thrives on, but also keep me from feeling like I've accomplished anything at the end of the day week month.

I remember hearing something a long time ago about delayed gratification. Please, instant gratification takes too long.

Maybe it's all this talk of following one's bliss ... but you have to know what your bliss is if you're going to follow it.

Maybe it's all this talk of destiny ... okay, so the destiny talk hasn't made it to the blog, but I'm sure it will in time. Is there such a thing as destiny? Can you change your destiny? If you can change it, then is it really destiny? Clearly I have too much time to think.

Maybe it's that I know a lot of the changes that are coming, and if I don't start managing my own world, then my world is going to be managed for me. Don't get me wrong, I'm fine with giving up some control ... as long as it's on my terms. (I think I read that in Philth's new textbook, Power Bottom to Power Broker)

So it's time to start asking some questions ...

* What do I really have my sights set on? What's the prize?

* What do I need to do to get there?

* What am I doing that could keep me from getting there?

* What's going to happen if I don't start to get my focus back and do what I need to get to those goals? The ride's not nearly as fun when you're wrecked on the side of the river and everyone else is racing on by.

Maybe it's the end of summer. Maybe it's my birthday looming just around the bend (9/13, thanks for asking). Maybe I'm getting a jump on Mercury coming out of retrograde.

Or maybe it's just time to get engaged, get in the game, and build a little Bob-mentum.

Isn't it fun when your therapist goes on vacation and you get to do all this on your own?