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Life is a Banquet

And I am an overeater.

Did I really need to stay at work till 10pm last night and then end up doing a P-town post-mortem with him till beyond 2 in the morning?

For all my good words last night, it won't mean anything until I start walking the talk. It's like rolling out our new brand values in the company and getting senior management to embody the values ... "nobody's going to believe this is the brand until they see you living them," we told them in a workshop. "Bullet points on paper don't build a brand. Change comes from action. What actions can you take so people see this is how we're running the company?"

Maybe I need to rebrand myself.

Or perhaps just a new tattoo?

Anyway I had a lovely time ... and, thanks to him, I now know a gem of place in New York that I had no idea exsited.

Bailey, come home. Something's happened to the baby.