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Marrow Me a Little

"We're going to eat nose-to-tail tonight," I was told as I left the office with some colleagues on Monday night.

Usually I'm not so big on the dining while I'm in London. As my pub friends tell me: "If you're eating your cheating." However, business has called for social evenings, and my coworkers would apparently eat than drink pints and flirt with look at boys in Soho. All's the pity.

Went to a vegetarian's nightmare on Monday night, where I had one of their signature dishes: roast bone marrow and parsely salad. Scary, yes ... but absolutely declicious. Those dogs sure know what they're doing when they suck out the center of a hot bone. Then again ....

And last night was an amazing meal at Bibedum, in the very cool old Michelin Building.

Been trying to explore neighborhoods ... figure out where to live and all. Both the jobs are in the East (City and Canary Wharf), and we want to be centrally located -- not too far out in the 'burbs. Chelsea seems a little pish pish, but it's awfully lovely over there. Earl's Court? Perhaps a little too far west ... but very close to Heathrow. Islington (only towards Angel, tyvm)? Farrindgon? Notting Hill? Perhaps Putney? All the cool kids seem to either be there or talk about it.

Too many choices.

Anyway, the week's flying by, and I'm flying right along with it. Took a breakfast meeting with le boss this morning on a London --> Frankfurt flight, and will go on a Milan day trip tomorrow, heading back to London tomorrow night. So yes, Frankfurt is sandwiched in between London and Milan.

In the meantime, I'm full, I'm tired and there's way too much work to do... can't I just go out and dance?