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Foreign Tongues

I want to be Sydney Bristow.

And no, it is not just for the non-slip wigs and ability to high-kick the crap out of evil doers (or those who label them).

My wish stems from her ability to walk into any country and speak the language fluently. Hypothetically, it's difficult to eavesdrop on cute boys when they're rambling on in language one does not understand.

I wonder if she really had to learn all those languages in spy school, or if she's just got some really cool translator chip inplanted in her brain. I'd do that. It really couldn't hurt worse than a piercing, right?

And really, wouldn't it be sweet to be able to say, "Excuse me, you have excellent buttocks ... can I bounce a quarter (or regionally appropriate coin) off them?" in any language?

German boys are hot. Italian boys are just sexy.

Back to London tonight.

Grazie, ciao.