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Cat Burglar

We were at Barrage last night (something new and different) to celebrate his birthday (which is actually tomorrow). I was telling the boys about the Alias-like chips inside the kitties, so that they'll be relo-ready in a few months. The microchip is so tiny that it's just injected into them, and I guess it just lives under the skin.

"Ah, the Manchurian Catidate," Glenn says.

"I'm so stealing that," I told him. And now it's mine.

And I need someone to foster them for about 4 months once we go. Any cat lovers out there?

I've been in two modes lately. Totally crazy busy or completely shut down. I need to find a balance. I worked at home today (again) and ended up watching 3 TiVoed episodes of CSI (two original, one NY) and Oprah, who had the cast of Desperate Housewives on.

Too much Teri Hatcher (but then again, the Radio Shack commercials were too much Teri Hatcher) and not near enough Felicity Huffman. I guess the more botox you put in your face, the more face time Oprah gives you.

Heading to Cincinnati tomorrow for a few days, for the first of a couple "Bob Voyage" parties. Then from there to London for two days of flat hunting and then a few days of work the week after. Should be my last trip over before the move. Looks like we'll be there full-time within 4-6 weeks. Maybe then I'll find balance? Or maybe balance will find me. Or maybe I shoud just wait until 2005, when we get back from our holiday scuba trip to the Galapagos. Is it possible to travel too much?

Haven't been writing much here, but haven't really had much to report. But a quick brain dump comes to mind ...

* I'm sick of hearing about the flu shot crisis
* The Time Travler's Wife is gorgeous.
* I want to lose ten pounds (weight, not currency)
* It's starting to sound normal to say flat instead of apartment
* Packing for 2-week trips is a drag
* I'd like a valet
* I must see this before I leave (because I semi worship her and I miss hanging out with him)
* David Lindsay-Abaire is writing the book for Shrek on Broadway, and Kimberly, Akimbo is being made into a move -- I was in a couple of his first plays in the city, many years ago, when his wife was part of a theater company I was in. Ah, yes, remember when Bob was an actor?
* I'm starting to realize that I'm going to miss New York, but I'm really excited to live in London.
* I feel like it's never going to happen, and yet it's happening too fast.