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I Got One in the Hole!

We had a little get-together at my cousin Scott's house yesterday ... the Ohio segment of the Bob Voyage party. Lots of family, a few friends (and some I consider both), plenty of booze, and most all my favorite foods.

I really thought they'd all gone a step too far in making it a special day for me, especially with all the children around, when they asked me if I wanted to play cornhole.

"Um, where and with whom?" I asked, thinking that they'd found a local farm boy to send me off with a bang.

"Outside, with the kids. You can pick your own partner."

Turns out they had a different kind of cornhole in mind. Crazy Ohio people.

Then a few of us "grown ups" stood around the fire pit on the back patio (it's cold here in Ohio) and swapped stories about which immediate family has the most trailer-park-worthy secrets. We all kinda won, in our own special ways. And the brilliant part of it all was, I knew most of the stories that people were telling, and they were deliberately skimming over the really juicy parts.

We're all way more trailer park than we'll admit ... even when we're liquoured up and among friends.

I've gotta go rev up the generator outside the double wide ... almost out of juice to keep this computer running.