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Blogger Free for All

2am of the Bob Voyage party. I think I should just stay in NY and have parties ... what an amazing night. Lots of folks have left, but there are a few good ones who've stayed.

Todd the bartender was delicious. But he's gone now. No drunk dialing tonight, but if anyone wants to commemorate by a quick drunk blog, here's your chance ...

First the boyfriend lost the chocolate, then I lost my virginity somewhere in the living room, then we started eating chocolate. The photos of me nekkid are obviously photoshopped. I'll miss my Bob and Larry, but I guess that we have reasons to visit London. How does one eat nachos and run marathons? How does one smoke and run marathons? Ask the emigrating couple. glenn

I have no idea how to put into words what I'll be losing when Bob and Larry go away. The cows in the barn will have a big hole in the heart, and some stamps in their passports.

Frank Beekman had no nipples, then he had nipples. It was like water turning into wine.

Fine wine, fucker.

Sayeth the Beekman.
How to put into words the"loss" of Frank and Larry? We lose the open bar and the cute 'hire-a-bartender' they always have at their fetes. The random collection of the creme-de-la-creme of the homos. Including Steve, but you know...