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Post Party Prattle

Wow. What an amazing night. Thanks to everybody who stopped by and shared one last bash at 420.

We had food, wine, booze, a cute bartender, and an excellent mix of people and music. I'll have pictures up within the week. We gave away door prizes ... I would love to have seen y'all staggering down 23rd Street carrying blenders, mixers, and toasters. Still have an iron and a couple other electric appliances to get rid of. Let me know if you want to come pick anything up.

My only complaint is to whoever decided that the free booze wasn't enough and decided to go into the medicine chest and help themselves to some Cialis and a half-bottle of Ambien. Bad form. Very bad form indeeed.

Anyway, hope you slept well and that you have a nice big hard on for awhile.

Now we take a quick last inventory of everything for the movers and then send Larry off across the pond.

Eight more days for me.