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What?? A Productive Monday?

Went to the gym on Sunday for a trial work out. They hooked me up with a cute young trainer named Marc from Toronto, who proceeded to smile and count reps and tell me all about his girlfriend who he met in India. And my legs are sore today. What better way to "ease" back into gym life than with squats and lunges. He swears that they'll be my new best friend by after a month.

Between that and all the stairs getting up to this flat, I just might have an ass by the time I'm 45. Or a stroke.

But it felt good to work out again. So good in fact that I joined up today, and my what a pretty pence that is. Things are not cheap here, kids. But beauty costs, and apparently I'm behind on my payments.

So ...

1. Gym membership -- done.
2. Cable installation -- tomorrow afternoon (so they say, this will be the 3rd time they are supposed to have shown up ... NTL ... not too likely)
3. Spiderman 2 --- notsogood
4. Broadband -- done.

Except that I can't get it to work with my wireless router, and tech support has gone off line for "necessary maintenance." I can connect to my wireless, but get no internet when it goes through the DSL router.

I also have the feeling that you can't just plug any computer into the system, which I find kind of odd. If they make me install a dsl router driver on each machine I want to plug in, I don't think that's gonna work. There's the home computer and then we both have laptops ... anyway, if anybody knows anything about such troubles, give a shout. Maybe BT wasn't the way to go with Broadband??

And Mark Bittman's famous quick roasted chicken did SO NOT work in my celsius convection oven tonight. A late dinner for all (but it did end up tasting really yummy). Two home-cooked meals in less than 4 days.

Now who's having the stroke?