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Pre-Weekend Update

It's Friday morning and my boss is late for our very important early a.m. meeting. So let's do a quick recap, just to keep the old blogging muscles loose.

Speaking of muscles, mine have been getting a nice little workout here in old Blighty. Been to that gym I joined a few times, doing my nasty-ass lunges and even took a class ("body pump" ... does everything have to be dirty?). Lots of walking and they've yet to install an escalator in our walk-up apartment flat. A lack of late-night venues keeps one from eating crap in the middle of the night on a whim ... I guess one could plan and stock the larder with vittles, but what fun is that? I might even be losing a pound or two.

And the exercise seems to be making me feel a little better. All those endolphins swimming around.

Broadband is in and the wireless network is back up (after toasting the router I brought from home and getting a nice UK replacement; same brand, same speed, what's a few extra pounds ... especially since I'm losing them elsewhere).

Work is the same zoo, just a different cage. But since most my key projects involve people in London, I'm feeling much more engaged and productive. Still miss my cozy office in New York, but the new digs are really good. Bright, open , airy ... and it's refreshing to deal with live people instead of emails and conference calls all day. NY was good on the people front for chats and therapy and whatnot, but I really didn't have a lot of face-to-face work there.

Seems the web police have caught up with bobzyeruncle and I'm no longer available for viewing at the old office. Sorry guys.

Found a cute pub the other night with a wall of bookshelves downstairs ... complete with secret doors that led to the washrooms. Very Harry Potter.

The Prince came out of exile last night and we had a lovely catch-up. He still inspires me and I'm glad our paths have crossed again. As I told Larry this morning, "he's a good good man." Too bad his work schedule and mine are so different ... we could create some fun havoc together. And women should pay more careful attention to the way their underwear sticks out of the back of their slacks ... and for God's sake, make sure the tags are tucked in. We don't need to know what size your knickers are (we could tell by the size of your butt they weren't petite).

Work's Christmas party is tonight. It's quite the shindig apparently. A few big tents, bumper cars, snake charmers, dancing. And here I was thinking I had to go to Soho or Vauxhall to get my snake charmed.

NTL is rubbish, so we're swtiching to Sky.

Clothes arrived today, customs is rummaging through them now and we'll get them early next week. Furniture should arrive on or around the 15th.

So, looks like we'll be all settled in just in time to leave for the Galapagos on the 22nd.

Christmas in Ecuador. Who'd have thunk it?