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Feliz Ao Nuevo

Greetings from Guayquil, Ecuador.

The trip was amazing. I dreamed Id see a whale shark, and that dream came true. Twice. Floating alongside a wall of lava rocks (not much coral down here), staring into the blue, schools universities of hammerheads swimming by, Galapagos sharks overhead, starfish and fat, lazy moray eels (too nonplussed by it all to even hide in the crevices, like their Carribean cousins do) underneath me, and all of a sudden the divemaster sounds his underwater alert. Not just a couple of rattles to alert us to a turtle or manta ray drifting into view ... no, this was a full-on alarm.

And then he started swimming. Fast.

We followed after to what seemed like a shadow in the blue, and in a couple seconds there it was ... a 40-foot creature, gray with white spots and fins the size of a garage door, floating into view. So. Totally. Cool.

And the second time was even better ... better visability, more viewing time before it descended, more majestic (and magical) in the water.

So many other sights and critters in the water ... sea lions, dolphins, rays, sharks, sharks, and more sharks, penquins ... just incredible. Pictures and more words to follow, when I have a chance to download and process.

Suffice to say the trip exceeded my expectations. As much as I want to chuck it all and get my SCUBA instructor certification and live the underwater life, Im really eager to get home and start 2005.

Time to settle into the new place, get a grip on work, and find a healthy balance in all the things I want to do and see. Trying to work out some reasonable, measurable, attainable goals ... but learn to take each day as it comes and try to find the peace I found underwater this past week in each day.

Why wait to be in the ocean to have SCUBA solace?

I wish you all a fantastic 2005. Im not sure how this year could beat 2004 for me, but Im gonna give it a go.