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Remember Me?

Oh, that's right. I have a blog, don't I?

One of the goals this year was to blog more, perhaps be funnier and/or insightful, not just give reports here. Oh well ... the year's not over yet.

So let the reporting begin ...

1. The Aviator was crap. I still don't get the Leo attraction. Can anyone explain? Seems he's borrowed Mr. Cruise's acting technique, but has decided to use a furrowed brow instead of a clenched jaw.

However, Miss Blanchett as Miss Hepburn was amazingly and stunningly divine. She was the only character I cared about in film, made every gesture and inflection count, and, quite simply, was flawless. She is everything a movie star should be. And more. (Divine and flawless in the same paragraph??? Gurrrlll, we got on our gay on today, don't we?)

2. Some guy in the tube station this morning was reading 101 Frequently Asked Questions about Homosexuality. I thought there was only one: "are you the mommy or the daddy?" He was kinda cute. I think he was the mommy.

3. Swimming at the gym beats running on the treadmill.

4. I need a personal assistant to
a. organize my apartment
b. build a photo gallery of my Galapapagos trip
c. rebuild my blog templates, time for a new look

5. I want to go to Barcelona

6. When going to an orgy, it's always good to douche beforehand. However, is that something to be done at home or does one pull out their convenient travel bulb/hose combination while in a pub and the go to the loo for a quick flush freshen up? He and I are still wondering about that little bit of ettiquite.