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Residual Exhaustion

I used to tell my boss that I wanted to be *on* a soap opera, not in one.

In today’s episode of Brand This!

“You’ve reached the voice mail of Fund Runner’s Investment Communicator. He is not at his desk right now, but please leave a message. For immediate help, contact Fund Runner’s Associate Communicator.”

So I left FRIC message and then called FRAC.

“Hi FRAC, Bob here. FRIC was supposed to be on a conference call with several of us, as he desperately wanted to give his input regarding some decisions we need to make to our critically urgent project forward. Is he around?”

Turns out FRIC was out for the day (despite the fact he’d previously confirmed his attendance). A shame, because we had scheduled the meeting a week or so ago but had to reschedule because he'd been ill.

“Let me check his diary. Oh yes, I see that it’s scheduled for 15 minutes ago.”

I asked if FRAC could fill in, since he’d been designated pinch hitter. Sadly, FRAK didn’t know anything about the topic at hand. “But I can give him a call, ‘cause I’m supposed to be seeing him in an hour or so to go play golf. I’m really sorry. I bet he just forgot about the call. He decided late Wednesday night to take the rest of the week off because he was exhausted.”

Methinks FRAC needs a little lesson withholding information.

Tune in next week, when FRIC and FRAC explain how 18 holes is the perfect restorative for a rough (half) week in the corporate world.

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In other soap opera news, I got a residual check today from some U-5 work I did on All My Children in 1996. Bless the Disney Corporation and AFTRA for tracking me down. I’m now $7.84 richer, and it turns out my work has been aired in Romania and Israel. That's almost £4! I can buy an extra pint tonight.

I wonder which episodes were picked up? My couple days of as George the mute orderly when Stuart (or was it Adam) collapsed in the elevator? Or maybe when I was in the disgruntled juror montage and rolled my eyes at Erica Kane (which got a big laugh from the cast and crew, tyvm).

Gee, in a less than a decade I’ve gone from waiting for gaffers in Pine Valley to waiting for golfers in London. Who says I’m not moving up in the world?

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This just in ....

an email has just come in from FRIC (true story)

From: FRIC
Sent: 18 February 2005 09:36
To: Meeting Organizer
Subject: Todays Meeting

Sorry to mess you around, but I am not in the office again today so will not be able to make the meeting.

If I can shake this illness off, I'll rearrange the meeting for you on Monday.

With regards,

Sent from my BlackBerry Wireless Handheld

Didn't he mean "swing this illness off"?