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"If a song comes on and you roll your eyes, but unconsciously start tapping your foot, it's shlager," says the Time Out Stockholm that Larry brought home with him from his business trip last weekend.

Apparently it's ABBA on steroids, and since he's put up with my mood swings lately (I am *so* ready for estrogen replacement therapy ... and what's with this zit on my forehead?), I stopped into the Magic Store tonight to pick him up a little schlagin' somethin'.

They didn't have any. Sorry Lazza. No Swede-pop for you tonight.

However, the cool lady at the Aveda counter had this and this and this for me. We shared music stories (I was 'podding out to Snow Patrol, and she recommended 13 Senses) and she tossed in some free samples. Love her.

Maybe my skin will soon be scandinavian smooth, and we can record our own Eurovision single.

Or not, but at least I have new product. And looking good is half the battle, right?