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Things That Make You Go Blah

This looks like it's going to become a reality for Gypsy and Cab, with makes me cry. They say it's a kennel, but it looks like Meowschwitz to me. Anybody in the States want to cat sit for a few more months? They're really good critters, but our pal who has them has decided he's just not a cat person. Blah. *sniff*

There's a big "Back the Bid" campaign here in London for the 2012 Olympics. I was all excited about it till I realized I'm going to be 50 that year. Blah.

Fifty. Oh.My.Blahing.God. I know it's a long way off, but still ... if 5 major cities plus an Olympic committee, plus kajillions of athletes are planning for something 7 years away, I don't think it's too early to start obsessing contemplating my semicentential.

I feel so fucking old. And tired. And unenthused. And blah.

We had a proper snowfall here today. Perhaps I've just got a dose of SAD. Blah.

Sky News has a Michael Jackson impersonator "reconstructing" the trial. Feh.

I'm going to have to work most of the weekend. Blah de fucking blah.

Aren't you all sick of me yet? I'm kinda sick of myself.

(note: I don't know why this poll became unavailable .. and I can't seem to get back into pollhost to fix it, so sorry. Last time I checked, the majority of you suggested cocktails, and nobody advised me to shoot myself, so thanks for that)
what to do?
just keep on whinging, really we all love your misery
shoot yourself
shut up and do something about it
pack it all in and go become a SCUBA instructor
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Blah blah blah.